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More than just a race, Run Mate by Core Lean has also some team challenges in store, with prizes to reward the best teams. Details on the challenges will be given soon.

Become the king of the Geneva Lake Quiz

How does it work?

The quiz is composed of approximately 26 questions, 1 per relay point. When you pass through each relay point, you will find a sheet with 1 question and 3 answers to choose from (1 true, 2 false). The Mates will have to go on each relay point to get the questions. These will be about the culture and the history of the Lake Geneva area.

You will need to scan the QR code with your mobile phone to get the question online. Don’t worry, you don’t need an app to scan the QR code, you can use the camera of your phone to do it.

You answer it and that’s it.

The results

The team with the most correct answers will win this challenge.

2023 winning team: Les Merakis 

Dress up! This year we’re going green.

Dress up! Find your best costumes. Before the start of your race, we will take a photo of your team in front of the magnificent Lake Geneva.

Once all the team are gone running, we will publish a photo album on our Facebook page with all your team photos. You will only have a few hours to share your photo with your contacts in order to get the most of “likes” possible.

Theme to respect

Blue 💙

The results

The team with the most “likes” on the Saturday at midnight will win the challenge. The result will be posted on Facebook, on Instagram (story) as well as at the finish.

2023 winning team: ChewBacalao

On your bins… ready… Pick up your organic waste !

During the race

1. Pick up your organic waste

On the day of the race, your team will receive 2 organic waste bins in which you will be able to collect organic waste: apple cores, banana skins…all food remains can get in it* !

2. Weigh it upon arrival

Bring back your bins on arrival at the Energiapro booth to have them checked and weighed.

The team that will have collected the heaviest amount of organic waste will receive a vitamin-enriched prize.

After the race

3. A second life and so much energy !

The collected waste during the race will be brought to Ecorecyclage, a production plant for biogas near Morges. There it will be fermenting in a digester and be transformed in biogas.

4. Multiple purposes

The biogas will then be injected in the gas network served by Energiapro. It will be used for heating and cooking purposes as well as for fuel.

* fruit, vegetables, peelings, fish, dairy products, meat, raw or cooked meal remains, coffee ground (no coffee caps), tea bags


Energiapro, Official Partner

2023 winning team: Orange Powers

Run the most difficult part of the race…the quickest possible

How does it work?

Speed contest on a few segments of the race. Send your best runner to those legs to be the fastest.

The segments will be delimited at the beginning of the segment and at the end of the segment.


The segments have yet to be defined 😊

The results

There will be a classification by segment but it is the team that is the fastest on the different segments cumulated that will win the challenge.

Once all the teams have completed the segments, the result will be posted here and broadcast on our social networks.


2023 winning team: IOC Zatopek

The Best-of of your adventure

How does it work?

During the event, take a maximum of photos and videos. In short, play the reporter.

Once the event is over, create a video of maximum 1m30 and send it until 15 October 2024 at the latest to:

These videos can be posted on our social networks, you may be a star!

Theme to respect:

To be defined 😊

The result

Our organization team will be the sole judge. Results will be announced on social networks during the month of October.

2023 winning team: Phare Ouest

Show your team spirit and win your bibs for next year! 

How does it work ? 

Take a photo of yourself during your race, showing your team spirit, then send us your photos to the following e-mail address:

Emotion, friendship, teamwork, complicity and cohesion must be the key words, both for this challenge and throughout your adventure! 

Theme to respect: 

Team spirit, mutual aid and solidarity 


Core Lean will be the sole judge. The winning team will be contacted by e-mail. The team that shows the most team spirit will be rewarded with a team bib for the 2024 edition by Core Lean! 


Core Lean, Title Partner 

2022 winning team: Attrape-moi si tu peux 

Because correctly estimating your time on Run Mate by Core Lean is already a sport and essential to the smooth running of the event, the Title Partner Core Lean will be offering bib numbers for the 2024 edition to the team that best estimates its overall race time!

2023 winning team: EHC Urgences

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