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5 challenges to rise above, during and after the race

Become the king of the Geneva Lake Quizz

How does it work?

The quizz is composed by 29 questions, 1 per relay point.

All the mates will receive a questionnaire in their runner’s pack and will have to go on each relay point to get the questions.

Where do I have to give the answers?

At the finish line in Vevey, give the questionnaire back to the information desk.

The evaluation

May the best team win!

Share your Instagram posts

How does it work?

Publish your most beautiful team picture before Sunday 29th of September, 9am on your Instagram account.

Be careful to tag the right account :
The evaluation

  • Run Mate : @Run_Mate
  • Challenge’s name : #EgoBoost

The picture with the most of likes on Sunday 29th of September at 12am will win.

Pick up the most cigarette butt you find on the track

How does it work?

Pick up the most cigarette butt you can find during the race.

Be careful :

You have to bring your own container. The organisation will not provide you one.

The evaluation

The heavier bag will win.

Run the most difficult part of the race…the quickest possible

How does it work?

Speed contest on leg number 6 (Meillerie - Lugrin). Send your best runner to this leg to be the fastest.

The segment will be delimited at the beginning of the segment and at the end of the segment.

Where is that segment?

Leg number 6

The evaluation

The GPS tracker will be the only referee for this challenge and will send the results live directly to the organisers.

The Best-of of your adventure

How does it work?

During the event, take a maximum of photos and videos. In short, play the reporter.

Once the event is over, create a video of maximum 1m30 and send it to: [email protected]

Deadline : 15th of October 2019

These videos can be posted on our social networks.

The evaluation

The organizing team will judge. The winning team will be contacted by email.

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