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Sustainable development is an important perspective for Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman and through it we have the opportunity to reach and influence a large number of people in order to raise awareness and inspire them.

Minimising carbon

To address the impact on the environment and more specifically to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, Run Mate by Core Lean encourages the use of “low-carbon” transportation: train, walking, cycling, and public transportation in general to get to the event. For example, the train emits between 40 and 80 times less GHG than a car (1 person) or a plane trip, depending on the type of train used.

To drive CO2 neutral, drive with biogas! Our partner Energiapro will provide us with 3 biogas vehicles to limit our carbon footprint.

We will also have electric bikes which will allow us to mark out the course by limiting our emissions of GHG.

We also give you the opportunity to minimise your carbon footprint directly on our registration form. 

Maximising impact

Our race is open to people with reduced mobility in order to allow everyone to flourish during Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman, for example we offer the possibility to run in a wheelchair.

Taking responsibility

We contribute to the preservation of the environment by setting up specific sorting garbage cans (PET, Aluminium, glass, other waste) on the whole site. This allows us to recycle the remaining waste and to limit the pollution of our environment.

We provide a reusable cup to each participant to limit the use of plastic bottles or cups.

This year we will provide a compost garbage can for each team so that they can sort their waste thanks to our partner Energiapro. The team that will have collected the greenest waste will win a prize.

We prohibit the distribution of flyers on the village and limit the distribution of goodies and free objects, except those made from recycled elements and not only recyclable. Finally, posters and postcards are available to the public (not distributed) and must be printed on recycled paper, FSC or PEFC certified paper.

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