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Frequently Asked Questions

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Run Mate is a relay race (2 to 9 runners) around Lake Geneva over 2 days and one night. Run Mate may be a race, but first and foremost, it is a shared adventure.

FREEDOM is the key word here. You can plan the legs as you wish.

One runner might only run one relay leg during the entire race. But one runner could also run two, three or four legs in a row if he or she feel like it. There is no minimum or maximum number of relay legs to do per runner.

Put all your Mates in a van (or in two cars if you don’t have a van) and get them to run over 200 km around the biggest lake in Switzerland and France! There are 29 relay legs in all, from 3 to 13km in length, which makes around 25 km per Mate with varying levels of difficulty according to how your team is organised.

Only one runner at a time is allowed on the course, while the other Mates can rest, cheer on their runner or complete the challenges!

While the runner is on the course, the van has to drive to the next relay point to wait for him or her. The Mates only have telephone contact with the runner to encourage or help if he or she goes the wrong way. They are not allowed to follow the runner on the course.

The organisers’ main role during the event is to ensure that the Mates stay safely on the signed course. If they do get into trouble the organisers will contact them by phone.

No, no roads will be closed for the race. You will run on tracks, paths and pavements with a minimum number of roads to cross. Where there are roads to cross this will mainly be on pedestrian crossings. On the few occasions where this is not the case, there will be marshals present (from the organising team) to help you cross.

No, the organisers will supply no vehicles. However, we do have a number of car rental companies that you can contact if required. Teams must not have more than two vehicles.

Don’t forget that a key part of the adventure will be the decoration of your team vehicle! We will provide you a base kit to decorate your vehicle but don’t hesitate to take some decorations with you.

The driver of the van or of the vehicles doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the runners or part of the team.

They will be in phone contact with the organisers and with their runner. Their role is to pass on important information.

If your runner takes a wrong turn, the organisers will contact you and you in turn will have to contact your Mate in order to help him or her to get back on track.

The organisers strongly discourage running with headphones. If you do choose to use them, you do it at your own risk and you must comply with the following rules:

  • You must be able to hear the traffic
  • You must be aware of the noise around you
  • You must be able to hear the instructions of course officials spoken at a reasonable volume (without shouting)

YES Absolutely! Since it’s up to each team to decide how to run the race you can run just one leg of 3km or you can run a lot more if you are up to it. If you spread the legs in a roughly equal way between each runner, you will each run a half-marathon but over 24 hours and with a nice long rest in between each section!

70% of the course will be on the road, 30% trails.

  • GPS beacon and live-tracking for each team
  • Individual race number for each team and each person
  • Professional medical team for the duration of the race
  • Relay points equipped with toilets, relaxation areas, car parks and recycling bins
  • Super relay points with a medical team available, liquid refreshments
  • One snack-pack per team
  • A pack for decorating your vehicle
  • Race timing with a result for each team
  • A medal for each member of each team
  • A gift for each member of each team
  • Entertainment activities
  • Prizes for the challenges
  • Live tracking for the team but also for family and friends
  • Giant barbecue at the finish for all the teams
  • Photos and videos of the event

As the team captain, you can log back into your “runner registration” and modify the predicted average pace of your team. Watch out for the cutoff date as the race approaches - no further changes will be possible after this.

No, no registration transfers are allowed. And no refunds are given unless you took out the cancellation insurance.

You will have per person: 1 gel / 1 salty biscuit / 1 bar of cereal / 1 Ecocup / 1 sunscreen / 2 fruits (orange and banana)

Two weeks before the event you will have your precise schedule. An estimate will be available from Monday 9th September on the captain’s runner profile.

You have until the bib collection day (September 28th), to modify your team members. You can write at this address : [email protected] with the following information:

  • The name and surname of the former Mate
  • The name and surname of the new Mate
  • His/Her email address
  • His/Her phone number
  • His/Her emergency contact (name, surname, phone number)

You will be given an emergency number prior to the start. In case of injury or other medical problem, you will be able to contact the organisers via this number.

As each team is free to plan the relay stages as they see fit, if a runner is injured, any of the other Mates can finish the leg in their place.

The organisers will be in regular contact with you to assist if your runner gets lost or is in trouble. But it is the Mates who are responsible for ensuring that their runner does not stray from the course! All the course information will be shown in the detailed guide.

Most “normal” relay points will have toilets and a water supply to refuel your bottles. A precise map will be sent to you two weeks before the event.

On the super relay points a small solid supply (fruit, cereal bar) will be provided in addition to water and isotonic drink.

We will provide you with a relay belt with the team bib above and the GPS markers in it. When passing the relay, you only have to send the relay belt.

We set time barriers corresponding to the theoretical run times of the last rider. If a team exceeds the time limit, it will be disqualified but may finish its race by advancing several relays.

Each Mate must respect the highway code and the race environment. Please refer to our safety guide to ensure that runners stay safe at all times.

The course is not 100% signed, but the main junctions, changes in direction and other less obvious routes will be marked.

The markers will be visible by night. An example can be found in the safety guide.

High visibility vests are mandatory for the night portion of the race. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any teams behaving in an unsafe manner.

Yes, you and your friends will be able to follow your Mate live via a dedicated application and on the website.

No dedicated space will be provided by the organization. We encourage you to organize your vehicle so that your nap is comfortable. The edge of the lake and the relay points will also be places for napping.

Showers will be available in Vevey near the finish line.

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