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29 Sep 2022


Core Lean have not only sponsored but also joined as a team the Run Mate 2022!! This has been a fantastic team and personal experience, and we are proud of partnering with OC Sports, which have shown once more their professionalism and quality making this extraordinary event take place.

As a team, we want to end this series of newsletters with our spirit very high in memory of one of ours who will always be part of our team: Mr. Dirk Müller.


for endovascular treatment of stroke

Dirk Müller was a great leader with great passion – an inspiration for everyone who knew him! Both in his professional as well as in his personal life.

One of Dirk Müller’s great values was to give his best to help others, no matter what position he was in. In December 2019 very close to traveling to Peru to spend Christmas there with his wife’s family, he suffered a stroke, and after 10 days he lost his latest battle. His wife Nereyda and his sons Marc & Chris are grateful and blessed to have enjoyed Dirk, even though it was a short presence.

Willing to follow his example and the many values that he always taught us, the Dirk Müller Foundation aims to contribute to the introduction of endovascular techniques through clinical fellowships in Peru, so that the physicians are able to train other colleagues after their education.

Stroke is one of the main causes of mortality in Peru, being the second leading cause of death in the country. According to current studies, endovascular therapy is crucial for severe strokes. In most cases, only a few patients benefit from mechanical / endovascular thrombectomy, which is due to the lack of training of physicians.

Core-Lean is an innovative Consulting Company specialized in coaching working teams to achieve breakthrough results. Dirk Müller participated in the exciting project to give birth to Core Lean. Founded by FMCG industries Veterans with large and diverse experience in running World-Class Operations, Core-Lean has a unique approach to coaching and developing people. The Core Lean team is committed to support the Foundation work, to make sure Dirk’s dreams, and ours as well, become a reality. Dirk Müller is for sure one more member of the Core Lean Run Mate team.

We would like to thank you for your donations; thanks to you, we will go further!