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This weekend, 1,378 participants or 180 teams made up of “mates” will take part in the very first edition of Run Mate, the new relay foot race around Lake Geneva. Departing from Vevey, 2 countries, 3 cantons and 1 department will be crossed to complete more than 200km of route all around Lake Geneva.

Many had imagined it, the organizers put it together and this weekend the dream will come true: the tour of Lake Geneva will be done in teams of 2 to 9 people between Saturday and Sunday. The first departures will be from 10 a.m. this Saturday, then the following ones will be spread out throughout the day. The entire course will be divided into 29 relay points where the rest of the team can join their “mate” and take over.

This event remains open to all with relays between 3 and 13 km which will satisfy both the sporty and the less sporty. And to make the adventure more fun, non-race challenges will be carried out throughout the course: an environmental challenge to collect as many cigarette butts as possible, a cultural quiz on Lake Geneva to rack your brain, an artistic challenge with the best photo, a timed uphill section for the fastest, and a final one to prove your cameraman skills after the event.

This entirely live race thanks to the GPS beacon that each team will wear also aims to help people discover the region and its heritage. Different points of interest will bring a cultural touch to each stage.

Benjamin Chandelier, director of the event, said: “ We are really happy to be able to offer the tour of Lake Geneva in running and relay. A cross-border event which will allow you to discover or rediscover the countless assets of the region: the landscapes, the history, the culture... while running as a team. We would like to thank the city of Vevey for their welcome and all the municipalities, administrations and authorities for their support and trust without whom the organization of this event would not be possible. »

Elina Leimgruber, Vevey union member, declared: “It is an honor and a great joy for Vevey to be the host city for this first relay race around our beautiful Lake Geneva. We extend a cordial welcome to the organizers and participants of the Run Mate, an event which perfectly embodies the slogan of our 2016-2021 legislature: “Vevey, city on the move”!

Back in Vevey, the runners will be welcomed with a barbecue and food trucks to share a last friendly moment together before leaving with a head full of memories. Online registrations will close this Wednesday, September 25 at midnight and it will still be possible for latecomers to register on site.


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