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The 2022 edition in a few words:

  • Montreux, the new host city, welcomed 180 teams of 2 to 9 runners for a relay race around Lake Geneva

  • Lake Geneva and the 74 French and Swiss municipalities vibrated to the rhythm of running

  • The Koh-lanta Team and the Joel'Stars team (Joëlettes team) took up the Run Mate by Core-Lean Lac Léman challenge

  • Results of the 4th edition of Run Mate by Core-Lean Lake Geneva

180 teams set off this Saturday, September 24, in Montreux, to cover 219km in a relay race around Lake Geneva. On the program: 28 relay points, trails, breathtaking landscapes, a festive and friendly atmosphere and a human adventure for a unique and exceptional sporting experience.

A departure from Montreux for a historic loop

Montreux hosted for the first time the 4th edition of Run Mate by Core-Lean Lac Léman. This event adds to the many festivities already taking place in the city. Unlike other years, the participants completed the loop in an anti-clockwise direction and this delighted many. Anaïs speaks with a smile on her lips and stars in her eyes: “ This is my 4th participation and I will come back a 5th time, that's for sure. This new route pleasantly surprised me, with breathtaking views and even friendlier mates. It's a real tourist route, you discover and learn to appreciate the Lake Geneva region.



More than “Mates”, true heroes


Solidarity was there for this 4th edition, the official charitable partner of which is the Dirk Müller Foundation. Many teams participated with the aim of supporting a cause close to their hearts. The Joel'Stars team achieved the feat of covering the 220 km with 6 joëlettes which were carried by 50 runners who took turns throughout the day from Saturday until Sunday morning. “We did it for them and for us who love running so much and sharing moments through this sport. Of course, it's a real challenge but our motivation and our moments of sharing took us all night to the finish line. The emotion is very strong when we arrive in Montreux after 28 hours of racing! We are very proud of what we have done and we thank the organization for offering us this beautiful course.” This event is a real catalyst for humanity.

It is also an adventure, over two days and one night, that many were able to appreciate, in particular, the Koh-Lanta Team made up of Colin Mottas , Marie Oheix , Jérémy Raffin and Alexandre Tournaud . “ This event teaches us a lot about team cohesion and pushing one's limits. It was an incredible adventure with friends from Koh-Lanta around Lake Geneva. Here, group performance is more important than individual performance! Finally, I think it's harder than Koh-Lanta (laughs) ” explains Colin, captain of the team, after taking up the challenge and crossing the finish line in 19h03mn53s.

A word from the organization

Benjamin Chandelier, director of the event, expressed his joy in closing this fourth edition: “We are very happy to find this festive, magical and unique event which offers an extraordinary experience to our participants across the Lake Geneva region and its magnificent landscapes. We thank Montreux which was our new point of departure and arrival and which welcomed us in very good conditions. I would also like to salute all the actors who contributed to the success of Run Mate by Core-Lean Lac Léman, whether our volunteers, our partners and in particular our new Core Lean Title Partner, the communities in Switzerland and France and the all the municipalities crossed. Finally, a huge congratulations to all the Mates for setting the lake on fire”.

The waiting list for the 2023 edition is already open! Become a Mate and reserve your place on the waiting list , it will go very quickly!

Discover exclusively the 2022 edition in figures by clicking on this link .



  1. Team Hypocramp - 2:35:27 p.m.

  2. Sports trilogy 1 - 2:46:09 p.m.

  3. Team Brio Maté - 2:53:17 p.m.


  1. Popcorn & Lémanaide - 4:10 p.m.

  2. Richemont Lovers - 6:21:31 p.m.

  3. The Herrings of Capécure - 8:06:01 p.m.

Challenges :

  • Intello Quiz: Team Cheh

  • Compost for power by Energiapro: The little moss

  • The Carnival of Mates: Flamin'go

  • My Legs Are Better Than Yours: Popcorn & Lemanaide


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