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There were 1,378 participants, or 180 teams, to compete over more than 200km of course to complete together, in relays, the complete tour of the majestic Lake Geneva. In a supercharged atmosphere, the “mates” gave us a weekend full of emotions: happiness, surprise, joy, tears, and laughter were there, thank you to them. The Run Mate Lac Léman was born and left its mark.

Many of them took the start on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. in order to honor their bet: to be the first to participate in Run Mate to run around Lake Geneva. Mostly between friends, others among family or even between colleagues, whatever, the event strengthened their bonds. For 24 hours, over two days and one night, they encouraged each other, surpassed themselves, fought against fatigue but above all experienced an extraordinary human adventure which will remain in their memory.

All delighted, all “Lemaniens”!

A spirit of camaraderie reigned over the Arc Lémanique and allowed all the “mates” to go to the end.

The route was punctuated by 29 relay points, from 3 to 13 km, in order to distribute the overall distance according to everyone's abilities. At these points, volunteers welcomed the runners and teams. The Anti-fragility team who “did everything mentally” was determined to go all the way: “great organization, great atmosphere, well received at each stand, there is everything you need. We made lots of new friends. We look forward to continuing the adventure”.

To keep the mates busy while one of their members completed their journey, several non-racing challenges were reserved for them. The more “ecological” ones set about collecting cigarette butts while the “intellectuals” worked on a cultural quiz. The “artists” looked for the most beautiful spot to take the best shot or film the best moments for editing after the event. And finally the fastest ones were able to test their speed on a specially dedicated section.

Even with little sleep and in the middle of the night, the mates' hearts were celebrating. We could hear war cries such as “the mountain wins you, Burgundy hits you” among many others.

After passing the 29 relay points of Vevey, Montreux, Villeneuve, Bouveret, St Gingolph, Meillerie, Lugrin, Evian-les-Bains, Thonon-les-Bains, Margencel, Excenevex, Yvoire, Chens-sur-Léman, Veigy, Meinier , Geneva, Pregny-Chambésy, Versoix, Coppet, Nyon, Prangins, Dully, Rolle, Aubonne, Morges, Préverenges, Lausanne, Paudex, Cully, the mates have finally returned to square one in Vevey.

After the effort, comfort!

At the finish, under the atmosphere of a village festival, all the participants were able to toast their achievement and recount the best moments of their race around a barbecue and to a musical background. And to cool off after a long night, Lake Geneva was once again the perfect place!

The waiting list for the 2020 edition is already open if you also want to become a Mate and reserve your place quickly (they are limited).

The 2019 edition in figures:

• 1st edition

• more than 200 km of marked and secure routes

• 2 to 9 riders per team

• 2 formulas for teams: Team (6 to 9 per team) / Ultra (2 to 5 per team)

• 1378 participants

• 180 teams

• 10 student teams (who benefited from a discount)

• 29 relays

• 2 days and 1 night

• 24 hours of racing

• 2 countries: Switzerland and France

• 3 cantons: Vaud, Valais, Geneva

• 1 department: Haute Savoie

• Relays from 3km to 13km

• 200 volunteers

• 5 non-race challenges

• 40% women

• 60% men

• 36 years old average age

• 18 years: age of the youngest participant

• 73 years: age of the oldest



-The tigers of 27 – 16:39:29

-Globe runners – 16:48:11

-Richemont Stadium – 5:30:14 p.m.


-A Clockwork Oranges – 15:30:47

-Keforma family – 16:50:23

-Kouign a'men – 16:52:05

Non-racing challenges

- Intello Quiz: Blue Ribbon Team

- Zero Mégo: Team Ruban Bleu

- #EgoBoost: Léman & the girls


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