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Becoming a Run Mate by Core Lean partner represents the opportunity to associate your brand with a dynamic event and meet running enthusiasts from around the world. There are varying degrees of partnership depending on your budget and goals.

If you would like to join our family of partners, contact Alexandre Abrami.
+41 (0) 78 608 95 01


Core Lean is an innovative Consulting Company specialized in coaching working teams to achieve breakthrough results. When teams’ ambition is to become “Best in Class” in their Business, Core Lean is the right partner to enable a record pace of sustainable improvement.

Founded by FMCG industries Veterans with large and diverse experience in running World-Class Operations, Core Lean has a unique approach to coaching and developing people starting from the end-users up to the Senior Leadership.
By promoting Run Mate, Core Lean wants to exemplify there are no barriers for teams to achieve results beyond anyone’s expectations when the team spirit prevails.



According to the World Stroke Organization (WSO), there are over 13.7 million new strokes each year, out of which 5.5 million people died. Globally, one in four people over age 25 will have a stroke in their lifetime. Having the right equipment and procedure can mean life or death for people suffering from it.

By supporting the Dirk Müller foundation, you will accelerate research on brain stroke as well as Doctor’s training to prevent and treat them.



Montreux is a congress and tourist resort, famous for its festivals and renowned guests. With its 26,800 inhabitants, Montreux is the third largest town in the canton of Vaud.

Nestled between the lake, forests, mountain pastures and summits, Montreux enjoys a privileged geographical location, a microclimate that complements the luxuriant vegetation, bays lined with flowery quays, and a lake on which swans and boats evolve, including those of the CGN Belle Epoque fleet, which is unique in the world.
The Commune has a very diverse territory, covering almost 3,500 hectares. From the shores of the lake to the mountain tops, the altitude ranges from 372 m on the shores of Lake Geneva to almost 2,000 m in the Rochers-de-Naye region. Funiculars and trains link the plain to the mountains.
Montreux also has hotels with old-fashioned charm, terraces, shops, a casino and a conference centre with superb concert halls.


Diversified sports activities 
Sport has played an important role in the history of Montreux. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, with the development of tourism, new sports disciplines were introduced, major sports competitions were organised and several international and national sports federations were created. Thus, Montreux was the scene of the first European ice hockey championships in Les Avants (1910) and the first world bobsleigh championships in Caux (1930). 
Pursuing this strategy, the Commune of Montreux has recently hosted several major events. The organisation of these events is possible thanks to the strong involvement of the 70 sports associations, which include nearly 2,700 young people.
The infrastructure is numerous: a regional athletics stadium, five football pitches, a 50m indoor swimming pool, eleven gymnasiums, a multi-sports hall, tennis courts, an indoor skate park, a bowling alley, shooting ranges, not forgetting numerous open-access facilities, 150km of well-maintained and signposted footpaths and a ski area. The Commune offers countless possibilities for practising your favourite sport. In summer and winter, almost everything is possible in the municipality.



Specialized in energy supply, Energiapro is happy to be with Run Mate by Core-Lean since its first edition. More than a race, Run Mate by Core-Lean is a real human experience, which allows to discover the nature, to create links within the team and to surpass oneself. Strong values shared by Energiapro.

This year, take up the Compost for power by Energiapro challenge by collecting your food waste throughout the race, to transform it into biogas, a 100% renewable energy. If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see a few biogas-powered vehicles along the route, as well as our team of runners in colorful shirts.


It's all about energy!


For more than 600 years, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP has been a cow's milk cheese characterized by its semi-hard paste and made exclusively in the mountain pastures and plains of the canton of Fribourg.


A pure local product, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP is distinguished by its fine paste as well as its melting and subtly refined texture. Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP is at the heart of a living tradition, where know-how is passed down from generation to generation.


Ideal for a fondue, this cheese embodies the authenticity and richness of Friborg heritage.


Nothing beats a pure Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP fondue to illustrate the famous saying: “after effort, comfort” and regain strength after a relay race.



The Casino Barrière de Montreux Foundation's aim is to support non-profit public interest initiatives carried out by public or private organisations in the following areas: culture (music, theatre, cinema, visual arts), social affairs, sport, tourism and local and regional development, within the catchment area of the Casino Barrière de Montreux.




Brio Maté is a swiss start-up which developed their own maté drinks using the best yerba maté, a plant as healthy as green tea and as strong as coffee. Brio Maté is made in Switzerland with low sugar, energising and 100% natural!

The three friends have also developed gourmet versions based on mint, peach, lychee and strawberry; while keeping a traditional version and remaining 100% natural.

Brio Maté gives you a smooth 100% natural energy that keeps you sharp, happy and dynamic.


At your service for over 20 years, the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC) is a health network that brings together various actors with complementary missions of acute care, rehabilitation, accommodation in nursing homes and primary care medicine. We offer more than 40 medical disciplines within a region that extends from the shores of Lac Léman from Ecublens to Gilly, all the way to the heart of the Jura. Whether you are a patient, a resident, or a loved one, our 1,950 professionals work daily to provide you with quality care.


Fleur de Pains is a regional bakery that products quality products for an authentic moment and it has sustainable values.

More than 90% of its production is done in its two laboratories based in Crissier, Vaud. 80% of its raw materials come from Switzerland and the bakers make their own natural leaven.
The key words of the Fleur de Pains’ mission are: regional, quality, authentic and sustainable. The main goal of Fleur de Pains is to offer an authentic moment with simplicity and many quality products. They also make some actions for the planet at their own scale. For instance, they act to reduce the food waste and there is no more plastic for one use in their shops.


Created in 1995 to promote Geneva’s farm products, Opage – the French acronym for the Office for the Promotion of Agricultural Products from Geneva – is a foundation under civil law.

Its board is comprised of representatives of the canton, Agrigenève and the various agricultural sectors.
Opage’s structure and means evolved after the 2004 law on promoting agriculture was voted in and the 2009 signature of a quadrennial service contract with the canton.
In 2009, Opage moved to the new Maison du Terroir in Lully (Bernex), where among other activities it organizes courses on Geneva terroir products throughout the year.


The Riviera-Chablais Hospital is an intercantonal reference hospital. It brings together 2000 employees spread over five sites (Vevey Providence, Mottex Blonay, Rennaz, Aigle and Monthey) which serve the inhabitants of the cantons of Vaud and Valais (Riviera and Chablais regions). The HRC, equipped with a state-of-the-art technical platform, offers medical consultations, outpatient treatment and hospitalization for acute care, geriatrics and rehabilitation.


Founded in 1909 by Hugo Reitzel in Aigle, the family business never stops reinventing itself and innovating in order to offer quality products in Switzerland! That's why, since 2017 in order to defend the local terroir, Reitzel has been working with Swiss farmers, who carefully grow and harvest the beloved cucurbits, for its supply of gherkins, cucumbers and other pickles.

In this way, the company remains the only one to offer jars of pickles and cucumbers made from ingredients of Swiss and local origin. But Reitzel's commitment doesn't stop there! We're constantly expanding our range of tasty new products, grown and produced entirely in Switzerland!

You'll find the delicious MADE IN AIGLE pickles during the fondue following this long and trying ordeal!


We're La Nébuleuse, a Romandie craft brewery founded by three childhood friends officially in 2014 - Arthur, Kouros and Jeremy. Based in Renens, we brew bold, fresh and perfectly balanced beers while staying true to our philosophy since 2014: Craft Beer, Swiss Made.


If balance is our signature, it's so that there's a Nebula accessible to everyone. And even for those who don't like beer or don't drink alcohol.


A little anecdote: 3 MONTHS... That's when we said to each other in a bar "We're going to set up our own brewery" and when we started brewing in Le Flon - Lausanne.


Nothing better than a delicious La Semeuse coffee for a convivial and energetic time during a relay race.

Founded in Chaux-de-Fonds in 1900 LA SEMEUSE is being particularly careful on preserving aroma and taste of its coffees. Located at 1000m high, the roaster enjoys ideal physical conditions allowing the use of a softer roasting temperature, less damaging for the coffee beans.

With the event sponsoring, LA SEMEUSE is happy to share a spirit of tradition and quality.

The word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the best mean to share this enthusiasm, that is why LA SEMEUSE reinforces this chain br supporting many events. By doing this, LA SAMEUSE values coffee as part of culture, sport and pleasure.


Physio Clinics is the main physiotherapy network in the French-speaking part of Switzerland with around 100 employees in 17 centres.

Our team of qualified and specialised physiotherapists will take care of you and provide you with personalised treatment adapted to your needs.

Our centres aim to be multidisciplinary in order to guarantee the patient a quick, adapted and successful recovery. The facilities are all situated close to health centres or shopping centres, providing parking spaces and an easy access by public transport.

We welcome you in spaces designed to create a warm and friendly environment where you will feel at ease as soon as you arrive.

Make an appointment today with Physio Clinics and start your journey towards better health and optimal well-being. We look forward to meeting you and helping you regain your full potential.


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