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They run for a good cause

We’re excited to announce that the Run Mate 2021 has partnered with the GivenGain Foundation, a global online fundraising platform, to offer Mates the chance to make a difference for their favourite cause.

You and your mates can make your Run Mate 2021 even more meaningful by raising money for a charity close to your heart – wherever they are in the world: simply visit our official fundraising page and click on ‘Start fundraising’ to get set up.

​​If your special charity is not on GivenGain yet, send an email to


St George's International School pour UNHCR

Teachers at St George’s International School are aiming to raise funds for the UNHCR refugee higher education scholarship programme (DAFI).

At present only 3% of refugees are currently enrolled in higher education, compared to the global average of 37% of people.

It costs an average of CHF 3000 for one year of university studies. As a staff group they are committing to continuing to support a student throughout their university course.

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SV-GROUP pour Action contre la Faim

This year a SV team will participate in the mythical 215km relay race around Lake Geneva and raise funds for Action Against Hunger. If you also care that every person in the world has enough to eat, support them!

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Team EHC pour Agathe et contre la mucoviscidose

The EHC team (Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte) is committed to fight mucovisidosis for Agathe. You can support them by making a donation via the twint application.

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Octobre Rose Thonon

The Pink October Thonon team is a team of nine runners, all of whom are personally or professionally involved in the fight against breast cancer. The team includes health professionals who detect and treat breast cancer on a daily basis, as well as teammates who are personally or family members affected by this disease. One of the participants will complete her cancer treatment protocol during the race.

Their objective: to promote cancer prevention through sport, to give a positive image of breast cancer care, particularly within the Hospitals of Geneva.

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Les KOPINES pour l'association SEVEN

The KOPINES Team participates in Run Mate 2021 to make known the Seven association and to support it by a fundraising action. The association thanks them from the bottom of their hearts for this wonderful gesture!

The association Seven was founded in 2014 and its goal is to integrate and value people with mental disabilities through sports. It organizes 1-2 sports events per year. Together towards a fully inclusive society!

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