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Download the timesheet here .


The estimated time that each team communicates to us allows us to define departure times and ensure the opening of the Relay Points. If the time spent in the field deviates too far from the estimated time, this puts the organization in difficulty from a medical, safety and volunteer point of view. Don't worry, there is still a margin of error.

If you are too far ahead of the communicated time, the organization reserves the right to stop a team at a relay point for an indefinite period in order to ensure proper management of flows on the route. This waiting time will be deducted from your overall time.

Conversely, runners outside the time limit will be obliged to advance by as many relay point(s) as necessary, indicated by the organization. This is to allow them to finish the race within the allotted time. However, this will result in non-classification for “outside the time limit”.


The principle is simple: fill in the Mate's name with his tense.

You only need to fill in the green boxes :

  • Mates first name

  • Average pace of each Mate for a 10km road race.

  • Distribution of Mates by relay

The average pace does not imply your best pace but rather your average pace over this distance. Indeed, one km of effort has been calculated to take into account the difficulty of the route (notably the positive altitude difference). This variable will therefore be calculated automatically, you do not have to worry about it.


This year a unique reward for the 2023 edition will be offered to the team which comes closest to its real time! 🎊


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