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Core Lean's strategy is to make its customers as successful as possible by helping them experience the learning process, how to evaluate their problems and rethink their actions to achieve the desired results. Without experience, learning will be much shallower and not sustainable. We want Core Lean members to be a living example of the behaviors we expect from our clients to improve their results and maintain them at a higher level after we leave. Core Lean staff listen and observe, focus on opportunities, and take action quickly, engaging the people they work with to improve results in a sustainable way. Based on feedback received from all of our customers, our members have that “something” that makes things really work!

We're about to have a challenging experience at Run Mate by Core-Lean at the end of September. In your team, you have most likely already defined some organizational elements: what information do we need? Who does which relay? Who drives the vehicle? Who provides the safety kits, high visibility jackets, drinks and food for the race? It is also important to visualize the behavior of team members and confirm that this is exactly what you want as a team. If not, you need to adjust something.

How to visualize behaviors? You will observe it directly and then discuss with your teammates. Share details, ask for concerns or doubts, listen to team members for their needs and suggestions, and let them confirm that, under the aligned conditions, they will react as expected. It's better to discuss and fix it now than to do it during the race around the lake! Example: Your team is very diverse in terms of racing skills, and a few people want to push them to the limit to finish the race in less than 6 p.m.… however, some team members may feel left out because their pace does not match expectations. This is the importance of interacting with all members, involving them from the beginning - right from the goal setting phase. Keep in mind that life doesn't end when the race is over. A key element of successful organizations is that they persist over time as good organizations, not as one-time winners. The behavior visualization exercise is a very critical time to test alignment just before taking action.

Once this exercise is completed, your team will need to select ongoing metrics to monitor team performance. For example, the time on each relay, or a teammate's pace going up a hill - which is different from normal pace, or the physical feeling of teammates after some night relays... where important tactical decisions may take place. In terms of metrics, it's important to keep the few relevant. The simpler the monitoring, the more time there is available to enjoy it!!


Sporting events are an ideal setting to experience the same stimulating dynamics as in a commercial environment and learn from its results. Run Mate by Core-Lean will help us experience and learn what strong team values can generate, making possible what seems impossible at first glance. Looking forward to taking on the challenge with some of you!


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