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This is a good time to give a quick summary of the content of the previous articles:

1st. Newsletter: We talked about the importance of having a goal that is well aligned with the environment, shared with and clear to all of our teammates, and the goal that is embraced by all teammates. This is a very relevant first step to ensure that the rest goes well.2nd Newsletter: The Strategy and design elements of the organization. In other words, what's important to the team (and what's not). Based on this strategy, we discussed the elements that should promote behaviors towards this strategy. Who will pilot which relay? Who will drive the support vehicle? Who gets the food and supplies and from where…and when? Who decides - and on the basis of what - whether something happens differently during the race? 3rd Newsletter: Individual and team behaviors, where we predict how our comrades will react in everyday life using work processes and under the design elements described previously. We certainly want “our actions to speak for us” and therefore, by doing the right things correctly, we achieve our objectives and goals.4th Newsletter: Measurements and feedback. What indicators should we follow to ensure that we are on the right track, and if not that we can quickly correct and get back on track?

We are now on our 5th news, and we want to share a few words on a very relevant element of organizations: Reward and recognition.

All organizations have a reward/recognition system, and each of them has 2 main parts: Formal and informal; and they also act at 2 different levels: personal level and group level. Formal recognition includes individual performance evaluation, salary increases, bonuses, promotions, etc. as well as smaller “awards” or recognition such as “employee of the month” or “lunch for completing 3 accident-free years in the department.” However, the most important thing is the recognition that happens on a daily basis and without a required structure… we are talking about the role of the leader to get closer to his employees and thank them personally for a contribution or a job well done. When done from the heart, it is very powerful and motivates our team members to continue to do things right, to engage and propose, to do what they do more carefully... which is translated into better performance.

Have you thought about the reward model for your Run Mate by Core-Lean? Certainly, taking on the challenge is a reward in itself, and many of us look forward to the memory of this event (a medal or other). However, it is important that you keep your spirits up during each part of the race, especially when things get tough on a rainy night… for example.

Core Lean would like to participate in this recognition and motivate all running teams that bring an image in which the team expresses team values such as collaboration, support, effort, passion, success , etc. The image should be accompanied by a few words explaining feelings and the story of the image. At the end of the race, your team can send their photo + text with their experiences to Run Mate by Core-Lean. A few days later, the 3 winners will be announced on the Run Mate by Core-Lean page. Please note: this is not a photo competition, it is about reflecting team spirit, feelings and emotions.


The race starts tomorrow, so we close this article now so you can focus on the final preparations…. Best of luck to you all!!


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