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In our previous news, we talked about behaviors resulting from the way we designed our organization and the strategic decisions we made. The next step is monitoring. We want to make sure that the organization, for example your management team or your execution team at work, or perhaps your Run Mate by Core-Lean team is on the right track. If there are any deviations from what is expected, we would like to know early enough to be able to react, analyze and adjust what is necessary. It's important to detect deviations early because the longer we take to make a deviation, the greater the impact on our objective... just imagine one of your Mates taking the wrong path! The sooner he realizes this, the less extra running he has to do because of this event.

There are two feedback loops we need to take care of:1. The first is to monitor whether we are delivering against the objectives we have set for ourselves. For example, watch that our comrades run at the pace they committed to. This will ensure that the total time (our goal) is within our reach.2. The second loop is even more important, and it is the comparison of our goals with the environment. For example, let's say once the race begins, your team is informed that the goal, for whatever reason, has changed from 11 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to complete the lap of the lake!! WOW!! Everything you had planned is no longer what you expected, your 11 p.m. goal is not in line with the promised prize or reward.

Yes, in the Run Mate by Core-Lean example, it seems weird that the total time goal changed in the middle of the race. However, in the real world of business, customer expectations can change. For example, consumers now prefer zero-polluting products and packaging, or the competition achieves better performance levels than your company so they offer better products faster, more reliably and even cheaper. In order not to lose sight of the environment around teams and organizations, it is important to constantly monitor that your goals and purpose meet the real needs of your market and/or consumers. This is to That's why you need to pay attention to the two feedback loops - the first tells us if you're doing things right; the second if you do the right things.

At Core Lean, we use different mechanisms to monitor our results. We want to know if we are delivering with our clients the expected growth in skills and competencies in their organizations to achieve exceptional results. To do this, we measure in different ways: performance, the autonomy of their teams, and the development of internal coaches to continue on their own in the future.

Likewise, we also connect with our customers in different ways to understand their needs and be able to satisfy them. One example was a session with some of our key customers to get their feedback in an open manner on what they expect from us. One of the results is the Leadership Lab - A program to develop the leadership skills and organizational understanding of their leaders - which takes place just before Run Mate by Core-Lean in Montreux… and Run Mate by Core-Lean is a great connection with what we do: teamwork, success, growth, celebration.


So, do you already know what, how and who will monitor your performance on Run Mate by Core-Lean? Great! Enjoy the moment and wait carefully for our next article!


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