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Download the route of the 2023 race

10 Jul 2023

Download the route of the 2023 race

The event is coming! During the race, you will regularly see reflective tapes and arrows to show you the right direction. Nevertheless we highly recommend to download the route of the race and the app in order to keep you on track at all times and offline.


The offline course thanks to



Thanks to the application, you will have at all times and offline the following information:

  • the runner and vehicle itinerary
  • the car parks in Montreux and in the others relay points
  • relay points
  • the race village
  • fixed health posts

And if ever clever little ones had just removed the markup you would be thanks to put back on track!

Step 1

Download the application available on Apple Store and Play Store.

Step 2

Install and open the application.

Step 3

Give permissions to and access the base map background on the home page. Zoom in to the Lake Geneva region to download the background map. Click on “More” on the bottom righ corner then on “Download maps”. Download the map “Lake Geneva region”. Do the same with “Haute-Savoie”.

Step 4

Close the application and download the .kml file of the couse. (soon available on the course page)

Step 5

For Android phones: Select the proposal “Open with”.

For Apple phones: A code page will appear when you click on the kml file. Select the icon at the top right (up arrow) and then select the “Copy to” option.

Step 6

The route is now available on

Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • Yellow route = Car route
  • Blue route = Runner route