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Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman 2023

The 5th edition of Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman is organised on 23 and 24 September 2023 by the Association Léman Sport and OC SPORT SUISSE Sàrl.

Article 1 – Organisation


This event for the general public offers participants a unique experience over 2 days and 1 night around Lake Geneva. It consists of a running relay that brings together teams of a maximum of 9 runners over a distance of approximately 215 km.

Article 2 – Routes

Run Mate by Core Lean takes place over a distance of approximately 215 km around Lake Geneva, starting and finishing in Montreux.

You can find all the information about the course on .

The start will be personalised by the Organiser for each team according to the pace of the participants. Each team must be at the start at the time indicated on the invitation.


The Organiser reserves the right to modify the timetable and/or the course up to the day of the race.

Article 3 – Registration

Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman is open to all participants born before 31 December 2004.

You must be 18 years old in the year of the race to participate.

Anyone entering the race must be well trained and in good health. It is therefore strongly recommended that all participants undergo a medical check-up and seek medical advice before taking part.

Anyone wishing to participate in the race must be registered on the event’s registration platform. If a runner is not registered, he or she will not be covered by the organisation in case of an accident.

Participants are registered in order of receipt of payment. However, a maximum number of runners may be set by the organisation. Once this maximum number is reached, registrations will no longer be considered.

In the event that a team wishes to be accompanied by a third party (e.g. a driver), this person is not considered a participant under these rules. The Captain nevertheless undertakes to declare the presence of any person accompanying the team for security purposes. Registrations can be made on the internet at:

Participants can register for the different formulas via the dedicated platform until the maximum number of bibs is reached.

Formulas proposed:

· TEAM: from 6 to 9 people

· ULTRA : from 2 to 5 people

Students can benefit from a preferential rate of 10% on the registration fee. Please note that each participant wishing to benefit from the discount must be able to present proof of schooling valid until September 2023 . Otherwise, the difference in price will have to be paid in order to validate the registration.

Due to the context, additional elements may be requested from each participant (PCR test, health pass, etc). Participants may also be asked to respect any sanitary measures (wearing a mask, respecting safety distances, etc.).


If the number of participants has to be reduced, the rule applied on the order of priority according to the date of registration.

Article 4 – Engagement

All registrations are firm and final, and no refunds will be made in the event of a registration error, medical reasons, unavailability, etc.

For those participants who wish to do so, a “cancellation” insurance is offered at the time of registration. This insurance cannot be taken out after the event.

No transfer of registration is authorised for any reason whatsoever.


Any person who transfers his or her bib to a third party without informing the organisation will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the third party during the event. The organiser declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.

Article 5 – Bib collection

The bibs will be collected on :

· Saturday 23 September 2023 at the Village (start) in Montreux.

Bibs will only be given out on presentation of an identity document and the invitation e-mail sent by the organisation. This invitation e-mail will be sent, a few days before the race, exclusively by e-mail, to the e-mail address given by the Captain at the time of registration. The compulsory equipment will also be checked at the time of the bib collection. The list of compulsory equipment can be found on the event website:


The bib must be fully legible and worn in front by the runner doing the relay throughout the course.

Article 6 – Race time

Your official race time will be the time between your crossing the start line and your crossing the finish line. It is reminded that controls will be carried out during the event, at each relay point, in order to ensure perfect conditions of regularity of the race. It is possible that some sections will be neutralised, i.e. without time - due to bad weather that would make some sections impassable for example.

Your race time will be measured by a GPS beacon provided by the organisation before the start of the team. The runner will have to give the beacon to the next runner, the beacon serving as a relay baton.

The maximum overall time to complete the course is 28 hours.

In advance of the opening time of a relay

Runners ahead of the estimated race time of the first team will be stopped for an indefinite time. This waiting time will be deducted from their final time.

Late on the estimated race time

Conversely, runners who are out of time limit will be obliged to advance by as much distance as necessary as indicated by the organisation. This will allow them to finish the race within the time limit. However, this will result in a non-classification for “out-of-time limit”.


In case of not following the marked route, and depending on the diversions taken, the teams will be given a time penalty corresponding to 5min/km.

Article 7 - Timing

The timing will be done by a timekeeper using an electronic system.


Any complaint may be made up to 3 days after the date of the event, after which time no changes will be made.

Article 8 – Abandon

With the exception of an injury requiring rapid medical intervention, if a team wishes to abandon, it must indicate this in a relay zone to any member of the organisation and call the organisation’s emergency number given in the Roadbook.

Article 9 – Rules & Safety

Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman is a race that takes place on open roads. That is why each team must strictly respect the road rules and be in possession of the mandatory equipment. This material must be presented at the bib collection on the day of the race to get all the bibs of the team. If a team cannot present all of this list, it will not be able to take the start.


Any violation of these rules will result in the disqualification of the team.


 Material RequiredRules to be respected
Per runner
  • 1 safety waistcoat
  • 1 headlamp
  • 1 charged mobile phone
  • Respect of the road code
  • Respect of the environment
  • Follow the signs of the course
  • Run & Bike prohibited
  • Following a participant on a bicycle is prohibited
Per vehicle
  • 2 safety waistcoats
  • 2 headlamps
  • 2 driving licence holders
  • Minimum 2 charged mobile phones
  • Identity card for each person
  • 1 first aid kit
  • Vehicle papers
  • Respect the rules of the road
  • Do not follow the runner
  • Follow the alternative routes
  • Park in the car parks provided by the organisation
  • Respect the neighbourhood, especially at night
  • Respect the environment (waste sorting etc)

Article 10 – Supply

The team can supply and encourage the runner during the race by stopping at several points along the course.

The teams are independent for their own meals. When you pick up your bibs, some snacks will be given to you in the runner pack. 

Article 11 – Doping

The Swiss Olympic regulations on doping apply to the event. Tests may be carried out. Participants can consult the information on doping on the website:

Article 12 – Insurance

Individual accident: the organisation strongly recommends that all participants who do not have personal insurance covering their physical injuries, in particular those who are not licensed in a sports federation, take out individual accident insurance as part of their participation in the event.

Material damage: the organiser declines all responsibility in the case of damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) to participants’ personal property, including vehicles, even if they are in his custody. Participants will not be able to claim against the organiser for any damage caused to their equipment. It is the responsibility of each participant to take out insurance to cover these risks.


The organisation declines all responsibility in case of accident.

REFUND PROTECT cancellation insurance

  • The participant has the possibility to take out cancellation insurance up to and including 22 September 2023. The insurance must be taken out at the time of registration and payment and cannot be taken out afterwards.
  • To make a claim, the participant must click on the link in the confirmation email received from REFUND PROTECT.
  • For any complaint or question concerning the REFUND PROTECT cancellation insurance, please contact REFUND PROTECT directly via the link provided in the confirmation email of the insurance.

Cancellation via the REFUND PROTECT insurance will result in the immediate cancellation of your registration and you will not be able to use any of the services offered by the Run Mate by Core Lean organisation. The subscription to the REFUND PROTECT insurance creates a contract between the participant and the REFUND PROTECT insurance but does not commit the organisation.

Article 13 – Respect of the environment

Participants are required to preserve the environment, natural areas and biodiversity before, during and after the race and to use the areas provided for waste separation. Penalties may be imposed in case of non-compliance.

Article 14 – Image rights

When entering the event, each competitor expressly authorises the organiser to use or have used, to reproduce or have reproduced his/her name, image, voice and sporting performance in the context of the event with a view to any direct or derivative use of the event, on any support, throughout the world, by all means known or unknown to this day and for all the duration of the protection currently granted to these direct or derived uses by the legislative or regulatory provisions, the judicial and/or arbitration decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for any possible extensions that may be made to this duration.

Article 15 – Data protection

​​Personal data concerning Swiss citizens is governed by the Federal Law on Data Protection (LPD) dated 19 June 1992. The persons concerned have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning them, which can be exercised at the following email address:

Personal data concerning European citizens is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dated 27 April 2016 and entered into force on 25 May 2018. The Association Léman Sport and OC SPORT SUISSE Sàrl process personal data for the following purposes: 
The legal basis for this processing is the consent and the legitimate interest in the organisation and smooth running of the event.

  • Registration and management of participants in the event
  • Information mail to runners and newsletter
  • Publication of results

The data collected may be communicated to the Association Léman Sport, OC Sport Suisse Sàrl, the timekeeper CHRONOCONSULT, Arenametrix & Njuko.

You may access your data, rectify it, request its deletion or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. To exercise these rights or if you have any questions about the processing of your data in this scheme, you can contact


If you would like more information about your rights or if you wish to make a complaint because you feel that your rights have not been respected after contacting us, you can contact the competent supervisory authority in your country.

Article 16 – Cancellation and changes of the event

The organisation reserves the right to change the programme and the course until race day.


If the event is cancelled due to force majeure (including adverse weather conditions) or for any reason beyond the control of the organisation, no refund of the registration fee will be made and no compensation will be received.

Article 17 – Aerial photography

All participants in the event certify that they have been informed that on the day of the event, unmanned aircraft (drones) will be used for filming purposes, and that during all or part of their participation in the event they may be within 30 metres of the runner.

Article 18 – Communications from the organiser

By registering, the participant authorises the organiser to send him/her newsletters and various communications relating to Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman and the services offered by the organiser. The participant has the right to unsubscribe by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the newsletter. More information on data protection and the privacy policy is available here:

Article 19 – Acceptance of the Regulation

Participation in Run Mate by Core Lean Lac Léman implies the express acceptance by each competitor of these rules.

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