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Article 1 – Organisation

The 1st edition of Run Mate will take place on 28 and 29 September 2019 and is organised by the Association Léman Sports, in partnership with OC Sport.

The event is open to the general public and will offer participants a unique race experience over 2 days and 1 night around Lake Geneva. It consists of a relay run in teams with a maximum of 9 runners over a distance of approximately 210 km.
Run Mate will take place on a course of around 210km around Lake Geneva with the start and finish in Vevey.

Article 2 – Course

A map of the course can be viewed at :

It shows:
Start times will be individually programmed by the Organisers for each team according to the pace of the participants as given at the time of team registration. Each team must be at the start at the time shown on their call-up document.
The organisers reserve the right to modify start times and/or the course until the day before the event.
Run Mate is open to all participants born before 28 September 2001.

  • a detailed route map,
  • the position of the different relay points,
  • the timing for the different relay points,
  • the water points,
  • the alternative route for vehicles

Article 3 – Registration

All persons entering the race must be well-trained and in good health. Each participant is strongly recommended to have a medical check-up and to seek the approval of a doctor before starting the race.

Participants will be registered in the order that payments are received. However a maximum number of runners may be set by the organisers. Once this number is reached, no further registrations will be accepted.

Where a team wishes to be accompanied by a third party (for example a driver), this person is not considered to be a participant under the terms of these regulations. However for safety purposes, the team captain must declare any persons accompanying the team.

Registration is done on-line on the site:

Participants can register for the different formats via the dedicated platform, as from 2 April 2019 and until all race numbers have been assigned.

Race formats:
Registration is firm and final and no reimbursement will be made for registration errors, withdrawal for health reasons, unavailability etc.

  • TEAM : from 6 to 9 people
  • TEAM STUDENT: from 6 to 9 people, at least 5 in possession of a student card for the current academic year
  • ULTRA : from 2 to 5 people
  • ULTRA STUDENT : from 2 to 5 people, at least 3 in possession of a student card for the current academic year

Article 4 – Entry

If participants so wish, cancellation insurance can be taken out at the time of registration. This insurance cannot be taken out at a later time.

No transfer of registration will be allowed under any circumstances.

Any person who passes their race bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of accident incurred or caused by the latter in the course of the event. The organisers decline any responsibility in the event of an accident of this nature.

The race bib must be fully visible and worn on the front during the race.

Bibs can only be collected on presentation of an identity card or passport and of the collection form provided by the organisers. The collection form will be sent one week before the race, by email only, to the email address given by the team captain at registration.
Race bibs can be collected as follows:
Your official race time will be the time between you crossing the start line and crossing the finish line. You are reminded that checks will be carried out during the race at each relay point, in order to ensure that the race is run properly and fairly. It is possible that certain sections may be neutralised, ie they will be untimed. Runners who are caught up by the sweeper car will have their race bib withdrawn and will no longer be part of the race. Once the sweeper car has passed, the feeding stations and medical assistance will no longer be available.

Article 5 – Collection of race bibs

  • Saturday 28 September 2019 from 9am to 6pm from the race Village (start) in Vevey.

Article 6 – Race time

Participants can find details of the stage cutoff times on the internet site:
Race timing will be conducted by a timekeeper using an electronic timing system.

Article 7 - Race timing

Any complaints must be brought within 3 days of the event finish. Beyond this date no modifications can be made.

Article 9 – Safety

Run Mate is a race which takes place on unclosed roads. For this reason each team must strictly respect the highway code and carry the obligatory equipment. If any team is unable to present all of the equipment listed it will not be allowed to start the race.

Any breach of this rule will mean disqualification of the team.

Any breach of this rule will mean disqualification of the team.

Obligatoiry equipement Rules to be respected
  • 1 high-visibility vest
  • 1 head lamp
  • 1 mobile phone
  • Identity card for relay stages 5 and 14

  • Respect of the highway code
  • Respect for the environment
  • Follow the course signage

  • 2 high-visibility vests per vehicle
  • 2 head lamps
  • 2 driving licence holders
  • 1 mobile phone
  • Identity card for each person

    • Respect of the highway code
    • Do not follow the runner
    • Follow the alternative routes

  • Article 10 –Feeding Stations

    No feeding station will be provided on the course, so the team will be able to feed and encourage the runner by stopping at various points on the course as shown in the race guide.

    Drinks stations will be provided at various relay points, as shown in the race guide..

    A feeding pack will be given to the team when it collects its race bibs.

    Article 11 – Doping

    With regard to doping, the rules of the Swiss Olympic Association shall apply to the event. Doping controls may be carried out. Participants can view doping information on the internet site:

    Article 12 –Insurance

    Individual accident: The organisers strongly recommend that all participants who do not have personal accident insurance, and particularly those who are not affiliated to any sporting federation, take out personal accident insurance to cover them for this event.

    Equipment damage: The organisers decline all responsibility for any damage (theft, breakage or loss) caused to the personal equipment of the participants, including vehicles, whether owned or borrowed. Participants will not be able to make a claim against the organisers for any damage caused to their equipment. Individuals are responsible for taking out insurance to cover these risks.

    CIRCLES GROUP cancellation insurance

    · The participant may take out cancellation insurance which will cover cancellation for any reason up until the day before race bib collection.

    · To activate the insurance cover, the participant can use the QR code on the registration confirmation emailed on the day of registration, or use the button on the registration form itself.

    Any cancellation effected via the CIRCLES GROUP insurance will trigger immediate cancellation of the registration and of all services offered by the Run Mate organisers.

    Article 13 – Respect for the environment

    Participants are expected to show respect for the environment before, during and after the event and to use the facilities provided at the relay points for waste recycling. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team which fails to do so.

    Article 14 –Rights of publicity

    When entering the race, each competitor expressly authorizes Run Mate (or its beneficiaries) to use, reproduce or have reproduced their name, image, voice and sporting performance in relation to the race for any purpose, direct or indirect, and via any media anywhere in the world, by any means currently known or unknown, and for the duration of the protection currently granted for these direct or indirect purposes by legislative or regulatory dispositions, legal or arbitration decisions in any country as well as by any current or future international conventions, including any extensions that may be applied to this duration.

    Article 15 –Data protection

    In accordance with the federal data protection law of 19 June 1992, you have the right to access and rectify your own personal data.

    Article 16 –Cancellation and event modifications

    The organisers reserve the right to change the race program up until the day of the race.

    If the race should be cancelled due to force majeure (including bad weather conditions) or for a reason independent of the wishes of the organisers, no reimbursement of entry fees will be made, nor allowances paid.

    Article 17 – Aerial photography

    Each event participant certifies that he or she has been informed that on the day of the event, drones will be used for filming purposes, and that for all or part of the event they may be less than 30 metres from the aforementioned drone. Each participant also certifies that they have been informed that special zones will be put in place by the operator to permit the drone to land in case of an incident during flight. These zones will be previously defined, marked out by coloured cones and access strictly forbidden both to the public and to the participants.

    Article 18 – Communications from the organisers

    The participant authorises the organisers to send him or her newsletters and general communications in connection with other sporting events planned by the organisers.

    Article 19 – Acceptance of race regulations

    Participation in Run Mate implies the express acceptance by each competitor of the race regulations above

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