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Protection plan Covid-19

31 Aug 2020

Protection plan Covid-19

General :

  • The distance of 1m50 must be respected between any person present at the event site.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in the Village, at the start, at the various relay points, at the finish, and in enclosed spaces (runners, accompanying persons, staff, and volunteers). Your vehicle is your responsibility.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal in the Village, at the start and finish line, and on all relay points. However, please bring your hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Take care to clean and disinfect your hands regularly.
  • We are in contact with all runners, accompanying persons, volunteers, and staff members and can therefore guarantee the tracing of those present.

Bib collection :

  • A traffic direction will be set up in the Village,
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal at the entrance and exit of the bib collection place.
  • An identity card will be taken at the bib collection point to ensure that participants and accompanying persons can be traced.
  • The captain must present a declaration on honor signed by each team member stating that no team member has a body temperature above 38°C and symptoms of Covid-19. This declaration is mandatory to allow the team to take part in the race.
  • Only the captain and 1 other mate can come and collect the bib numbers for their entire team.
  • There will be no direct contact between the organisation (staff or volunteers) and the captain and his teammate.

Course & Feed stations :

  • To avoid large crowds in the starting area, there will be a departure every 2 minutes. Starting blocks will be organised near the start line.
  • Wearing gloves and masks will be compulsory for volunteers.
  • A special zone will be set up at each relay point. Only the runner ready to start will be able to access it.
  • Food will be distributed to the runners by the volunteers at the feed stations.

Finish :

  • Only the captain will be able to collect the medals for his entire team at the Information Point.
  • Access to the changing rooms and showers must be in strict compliance with the sanitary instructions described by the reception area (Pully Plage). The changing rooms may be closed if necessary according to the sanitary rules in force at the event’s date. Social distancing rules (minimum 1.5m) must apply in the event of a queue to access the changing rooms and showers.
  • Food will be distributed to take away. Teams will be able to set up to eat on the tables in Pully Plage (set up in such a way as to respect the minimum distance required between teams) or on the lawns, respecting the distance rules and sanitary instructions in force. If the tables are full, the teams will be invited to eat on the Pully Plage lawns. Please note that the teams are responsible for clearing the tables and sorting waste (plates and cutlery are reusable and must not be thrown in the black bin).
  • No animation or partner stand will be provided to avoid attracting an external public to the event. Accompanying team members may only enter Pully Plage on the presentation of the voucher they have been given. Participants with their race numbers may enter Pully Plage with their race number.
  • An information point will be accessible only to the team captains who must respect the ground markings in case of a waiting line.